Bold Alliance - Shrink the world for your business

Bold Alliance offers a two tiered Membership:

  • Full Members: registered as EEIG partners in the official Articles of Bold Alliance and enjoy full voting rights, exclusivity in their home countries, and other benefits.  Full Members pay an initial membership fee and annual dues.
  • Associate Members: contract as a partner of Bold Alliance and may attend General Meetings but do not have voting rights. Associate Members pay a small annual fee to Bold Alliance.  

All Members enjoy a wide range of benefits from their participation in Bold Alliance, including:

  • A network of Member partners across Europe and a single brand to exploit local and international business opportunities
  • Marketing and Lead Generation from the Bold Alliance hub and from other Members, as well as with Partner Vendors
  • A new revenue stream for their own company
  • Identification and engagement of new technologies that fit with their own business
  • Centralized hub governance with a dedicated management team handling the partner relationship
  • Fun General Meetings
  • And lots more….


Are you Bold enough?

Bold Alliance Members are established IT companies from across Europe with long-standing reputations for excellence in their home markets. Our Members’ qualifications are:

  • Successful Operations for many years in their home markets
  • Members’ Owner/Founders participate directly in Bold Alliance.
  • Established reputation and client base in their home country.
  •  High level IT competence in enterprise technology, solution development, and cloud applications.
  • Proactive  and progressive leadership with commitment to improve its presence and prospects in its home country and abroad.
  • Outstanding network of professional relationships in the information technology sector (vendors/partners/clients)
  • Strong, high energy, innovative, hands-on, self-directed leadership to develop and execute sales models with partners.
  • Active commitment to support the growth and success of Bold Alliance.


Full Members

Ajila AG (Switzerland)

CTG (Luxemburg) (Austria)

IDA Media Foundry (Belgium)

Microinput (Poland)

Prisma IT (Netherlands and France)

Swedprint (Sweden)

Tagnile (Finland)

tecRacer (Germany)

Tesi Square (Italy)

Zaq Solutions (Denmark)

Spama (Norway)


Associate Members (Italy)

Dafolo (Denmark)

NordCloud (Finland)